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Go to the Music page to download a lead sheet.

Have a look at this wonderful song I just transcribed by Chet Baker.

And it is in Italian!!

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Cari amici italiani,
il giorno 26 Settembre alle ore 21.45 sarò in concerto al Cenacolo di Santa Croce insieme alla fantastica pianista e compositrice australiana Andrea Keller. Musica originale all'interno di un festival bellissimo (vedere programma allegato) in un luogo che non ha bisogno di presentazioni organizzato da quel gran personaggio che è Enrico Romero. Suonare in quel posto ha per me un significato importante anche a livello personale, visto che mio padre, scomparso recentemente, mi raccontava sempre degli accadimenti storici avvenuti all'interno del chiostro, e di tutte le salme illustri presenti nella basilica. Sarà un vero onore e un gran piacere poter suonare per voi e ritrovare chiunque voglia passare per un saluto.

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This song was part of the first album I recorded with my beautiful Italian quartet called Cirko Guerrini. The band was Mauro Grossi on piano, Saverio Tasca on vibraphone and marimba, Daniele Mencarelli on double bass, Paolo Corsi on drums and yours truly on soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophone. The word Circo in Italian means 'circus'. I was named Cirko Guerrini by the drummer Walter Paoli who was part of my previous band 'the devils of rhythm'.
This band was playing all original music written and arranged by me and inspired by the circus world. Usually we go to the circus and we watch all the artists and numbers without paying too much attention to the circus band and the music they play. In my Cirko you can listen to the music but you will have to imagine the numbers and the artists. Create your dress, your own colours for the dress and your own level of difficulty of the numbers. Il Giocoliere is The Juggler, and you can hear snd view in your mind in the track all the tricks and amazing evolution performed by this amazing artist.
The form of the tune is a 42 bars A A B A where the first A is 10 bars in the key of Eb major, the second A is 10 bars in the key of E major ending back in Eb. All the A sections have a Rhumba feel. The bridge is 12 bars of a crazy Marcetta (Little March) leading into the last A section 'juggling' the keys between Eb and E major.
First solo is a consistent, beautiful and circus-like solo played by Mauro Grossi on piano. Followed by a Baritone sax solo which starts as a duo with double bass. Last solo is a rumbling, crazy dense solo by Paolo Corsi with an interlude played by a built up concert band with 9 saxophones (all played by me) 3 trombones and a tuba played by Rudy Migliardi.
On the head out the coda moves again from Emajor to Fmajor for a last trick that gives a sense of lifting to the whole tune.
If you want to play the tune you can download it on my website
Enjoy and more to come!!

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This Friday, Paris Cat, 7.30 start. ...

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Every single jazz tutor or professional will sooner or later tell you to transcribe solos.
Including my father, who was a terrific jazz player. I can almost hear his voice…’you need to transcribe…note by note!’..
So, when I recorded my second album as a soloist ‘Mirko Guerrini e I Diavoli del Ritmo’ (Mirko Guerrini and the Devils of Rhythm’ I took my father’s words literally and transcribed a whole piece myself.
The whole album ‘Mirko Guerrini e I Diavoli del Ritmo’ is about the music of this legendary, mythological band called ‘Devils of Rhythm’ that the legend wants to be playing in Chicago at all the gangster weddings. One, night, during a party given by the boss Al Testone, the night club where the Devils were performing was set on fire. The band disappeared after that unfortunate event. One day, while waiting for my father in the music shop in Florence that my great uncle had, I found in a draw some charts of the Devils of Rhythm and one 78rpm vinyl with a recording of the Devils playing On the sunny side of the street. So, for the recording of my second album I took my father’s words literally and transcribed note-by-note the whole piece myself. Unfortunately the vinyl was badly damaged so it resulted to be On the scratchy side of the street.
Grab your coGrab your coGrab your coGrab your co Have a lisHave a lisHave a lis Have a lis njoy!

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As promised this is the 2nd chapter of my musical story. ‘Blu’ is the opening track of my second CD as a soloist (2001). It is a 12 bar blues plus 4 bars vamp used as an intro and an outro.
Once again, another attempt to cross post-bop with counterpoint. There are two different lines that create an intricate rhythmic plot. Solos are over a Bb blues.
The album is titled ‘Mirko Guerrini e I Diavoli del Ritmo’ (literally Mirko Guerrini & the Devils of Rhythm), and was released by the great Italian label Philology, thanks to the great trust that Paolo Piangiarelli gave me.
Not long before the recording I had been criticised for not being able to stick to one genre or one style. To answer that I produced this album, that includes a post-bop blues (Blu), a tribute to Peter Sellers and Henry Mancini (Cluseau), a rendition of Dmitri Shostakovic Valtz n. 1, a dodecafonic serial tune (I Diavoli del Ritmo) and a Brazilian Choro which is everything but a choro and a musical joke (On the scratchy side of the street) that I will elaborate in another post.
I curated the graphic project in all the small details, and I still remember working with the graphic ’til 3am to get to the result I wanted.
The story behind the CD is that I found in the music shop owned by my great uncle a bunch of manuscript with tunes played by the Devils of Rhythm, a legendary jazz band that disappeared mysteriously after they played at a mafia gangster's party in Chicago. Truth? Fantasy? Who knows…
Enrico Rava wrote the liner notes using his creativity and supporting the thesis of the existence of the Devils with a true (or dreamt) story happened to him in Chicago.
This is a review of the album by Ken Dryden:
Mirko Guerrini & the Devils of Rhythm (the only English translation provided in this Italian CD) is a competent quartet firmly in the post-bop camp. The leader, who is featured on tenor and soprano saxes as well as flute and percussion, is joined by pianist Stefano Bollani, bassist Raffaello Pareti, and drummer Walter Paoli. Guerrini composed 11 of the baker's dozen of songs, including the snappy hard to predict blues "Blu," the tongue-in-cheek mysterious "Cluseau" (which seems inspired by Henry Mancini's music for the bumbling inspector in the Pink Panther films), and the hilarious "On the 'Scratchy' Side of the Street" (essentially the old standard "On the Sunny Side of the Street," except with certain portions deliberately repeated as if you're listening to a skipping record). "Valtz" starts with the opening tuning up by a symphony orchestra before giving way to Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich's lovely miniature as interpreted by the quartet. Pareti contributed the catchy but easygoing "Esercitazioni di Stile," played as a trio without piano. This isn't the kind of CD that one would normally purchase blindly in a record store or over the Internet, but if you've enjoyed most of the Philology releases you've heard, this excellent session will not be a disappointment.
If you want to know a bit more, or download the charts or even better to buy some of my music please visit my website at

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