Bennetts Lane is closing

Hi everybody,

I am still shocked about the news that Bennetts Lane, the fabolous Jazz venue in Melbourne isĀ closing.

I have played there few times, in comparison to all the other great Australian Jazz musician, but I must admit that the atmosphere and the feeling in that club is something rare to find again.

All the crew there was perfect with the idea of running a Jazz Club, and they never, NEVER, put pressure on musicians regarding what was the music to be played or “how many people you bring to your event”.

I hope that something new can arise from the ashes. And if it is true that only after death a re-birth is possible I hope that this becomes true with Bennetts Lane.

In the meantime this news is on everyone’s lips in Melbourne. Here below you can see a picture of some Greek men in Oakleigh talking about Bennetts Lane. “Can you believe it? No more Bennetts Lane in Melbourne!!!” and the other replies “Ehhhhh, when I was young it was different…times has changed!”.

"Can you believe it? Bennetts Lane is closing down!"
“Can you believe it? Bennetts Lane is closing down!”


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