Torrio! + MSO

Torrio! + MSO

18may7:30 pmTorrio! + MSO

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Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
Christopher Moore director / conductor
Torrio! featuring:
Paul Grabowsky piano / co-curator
Mirko Guerrini saxophones / flutes
Niko Schauble drums


Ives Central Park in the Dark
Paul Grabowsky Fascinatin’ Algorhythm*
Ives The Unanswered Question
John Adams Son of Chamber Symphony
Haydn Symphony No.83 La Poule

*World premiere of an MSO Commission

About this performance

Paul Grabowsky AO brings his exciting trio alongside the MSO to explore the intersection of jazz and classical, and just how far those genres can overlap. Come with a sense humour as this program jumps between the Classical and modern, serious and comical, and the ridiculous and sublime.

  • This eclectic performance opens with Charles Ives’ – Central Park in the Dark – conveying the rich experience of the many sounds you’d hear on a walk through New York City’s Central Park. Ives’ evocative The Unanswered Question appears later in the program, highlighting the contrasting ideas that run through this concert.
  • Jazz trio Torrio! joins the MSO for the premiere of Paul Grabowsky’s Fascinatin’ Algorhythm, which creates unique and expressive sounds using techniques from across popular styles. Paul describes his work as one that is “true both to the world of fully notated music and the technical and expressive virtuosity required to render it brilliantly, and to the world of improvised music, where things always happen in the moment, never to be the same again.”
  • John Adams’ Son of Chamber Symphony takes inspiration from both traditional classical styles and the music from the cartoons his son would watch in the room adjacent to Adams’ study.
  • Finally, Haydn’s famous musical humour is on display in his Symphony No.83 La Poule (the hen) – transitioning from a dark and serious theme into a comical melody that sounds like the clucking of hens.

Duration: approx. 1 hour and 50 minutes including interval

“My trio ‘Torrio!’ brings together three musicians who have a deep love and respect for all the great traditions and have composed for and played in many of them.”

-Paul Grabowsky AO

They met at a one-off concert at the end of 2013 and connected immediately. An inspiring personal and musical bond has developed between the members of the Torrio! and they knew this project will continue. Pianist Paul Grabowsky, drummer Niko Schauble and saxophonist Mirko Guerrini are prolific musicians and creative composer, each contributing original materials to the repertoire of the ensemble. The Torrio! arriving here all the way from Australia, features a spectacular collaboration in their splendid passionate performance.
Paul Grabowsky (58), pianist, composer, arranger and conductor, is a well-known and respected artist in Australia, one of the continent’s leading jazz musicians. He spent a while in Europe and the United States and worked among others with Chet Baker, Art Farmer and Johnny Griffin. Today he is a busy musician and composer, and an academic professor who received the honorary award of the Order of Australia for his achievements. Niko Schauble (54) considered one of the most creative drummers in Australia performed and recorded with Sam Rivers, Lee Konitz, Enrico Rava, Trilok Gurtu, Branford Marsalis, Wynton Marsalis, among others. Schauble is also a skilled composer and arranger, making him a rare find and wanted melodic drummer. Italian saxophonist Mirko Guerrini (43), a native of Florence, is an eclectic musician, playing on numerous instruments, a music producer, and an acclaimed composer. He lived for a while in Canada before obtaining an artist visa and moving to Melbourne, Australia where he earned a solid reputation as a versatile musician with the knowledge of a variety of genres.
The Torrio! show encompasses musical genres from across the board with references to a variety of traditions adding more inspiration: from jazz and contemporary classical music to pop music and film scores. Guerrini was the perfect partner to join the longtime friends, Grabowsky and Schauble, who have been working together for almost thirty years. An eloquent musician with an artistic curiosity similar to theirs, and together they create a powerful and balanced trio. While each musician and composition is distinctly diverging, their interaction produces a mesmerizing harmony, music without borders, profound, playful, and full of joy. Their impressive performance at the Tokyo Jazz Festival in Japan resulted with a prompt invitation to perform in Eilat. Following an introduction to one of their performances outside of Australia when a non-English announcer called: “Welcome the Grabowsky Torrio!” they decided to adopt this rolling title, including the exclamation mark.

Paul Grabowsky Piano
Niko Schauble Drums
Mirko Guerrini Saxophones



(Thursday) 7:30 pm


Melbourne Recital Centre, Iwaki Auditorium

31 Sturt St, Southbank, 3006