Extasy Morricone

Extasy Morricone

10may7:30 pmExtasy Morricone

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Ilaria Crociani vocals
Mirko Guerrini winds, piano accordion, arrangements,
Darrin Archer keyboards,
Gianni Marinucci trumpet, flugelhorn
Ryan Griffith guitars
Ben Robertson bass
Niko Schauble drums

Extasy Morricone is a trip.

A journey around modernity through the rediscovery of true gems produced by the pen of remarkable Italian film composer Ennio Morricone.

Ennio Morricone created music for over 500 films, but as he says, ‘only 30 were Westerns’. With Extasy Morricone, we want to celebrate this Italian composer’s more psychedelic, progressive, and adventurous side. Over the years, he wrote several songs highlighting one of his most excellent signatures: the wordless vocals anchoring his subtle, rich arrangements.

The incredible talent of the Italian singer Ilaria Crociani and a fistful of incredibly multifaceted musicians will take you by the hand into the mesmerising sonic world of one of the geniuses of our times.

The show provides full testimony to Morricone’s eclecticism, which sounds so diverse and advanced that it makes him one of the greatest music innovators of the twentieth century.

Morricone, turning 90 this year, could conceive commercial music without renouncing experimentalism and contemporary composition techniques. His unconventional instrumentation (harpsichord, percussions, bells, metallophones), alongside an unrelenting determination to chase a unique sound for each of his compositions, is what we would like to showcase with this brand-new project.

Wednesday 10th May



Monash University

Monash University Performing Arts Centres, The Count's: The Ian Potter Centre for Performing Arts, 48 Exhibition Walk, Clayton, 3800

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