Two Too Many

One positive side effect of the pandemic is to have a chance to dig out old recordings, that for some reasons were waiting the right moment to pop up. Two Too Many is one of those, recorded eight years ago in Italy with two extraordinarily creative musicians: Daniele Mencarelli and Stefano Tamborrino. My absolute passion for movies (and the music) is the ingredient of this release.
This album is dedicated to the beautiful art of cinema. 'You brought Two Too Many' is a beautiful Charles Bronson response from 'Once upon a time in the west', after he was told by three outlaws that there was no horse available for him.

DOMINO: There is the spirit of Roland Kirk here, that in my head, is my Marvel(lous) hero.

GRAN TORINO: Another surprising talent from Stefano. The fragility of his singing well reflects the movie.

THE 400 BLOWS: One of the best movies on adolescence. Can we have more Truffaut, please?

VARIATIONS ON MARNIE: Hitchcock! But mostly Bernard Hermann.

SHAKEN, NOT STIRRED: My name is Bond, James Bond.

ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST: This is a signature movie by Sergio Leone. Charles Bronson is pronouncing the Album Title quote: 'You brought two too many' in an epic scene. The music is by the Italian maestro Ennio Morricone.

VARIATIONS ON TAXI DRIVER: The last score by Bernard Hermann. The saxophone on the original soundtrack is so memorable that we HAD to do it differently.


Mirko Guerrini - Tenor saxophone, Prepared Piano, Piano, Fender Rhodes
Daniele Mencarelli - Electric Bass
Stefano Tamborrino - Drums, Toys, Percussions, Voice on Gran Torino

Recorded in Tuscany, Italy in October 2012 at SPAS Recording Studios.
Mixed and Mastered by Mirko Guerrini in Melbourne, Australia.

Mirko Guerrini plays D'Addario reeds and mouthpiece.
Cover photo by Lorenzo Desiati Photographer