Harvest Moon on Friday 13th

Just five compositions. Different authors, different eras, distant places and experiences. And yet, even these five songs, by themselves, are able to summarise the depth of feelings and the complexity of some existential questions that human beings face in the course of their lives. The nostalgic fascination of childhood with its imaginative world of twinkling fairies and knights fighting evil spirits with stones and wooden sticks. The astonishment that comes from the powerful feeling of Love and the fear of not being able to fully express it. The bewilderment in the face of the complexities of adult life, and the difficulty in accepting the aging process. The fear of Death, the feeling of absence and the inconsolability for the loss of loved ones. The dismay in the face of man's inhumanity to man, and the astonished helplessness for the conniving silence of the world.
Music is also this. Suspension. Reflection. Sharing. Universality.


Ilaria Crociani – Voice
Tony Gould – Piano
Mirko Guerrini – Saxophones, Clarinet
Frank Di Sario – Double bass

Recorded at New village Studios Melbourne, Australia under a Harvest Moon on Friday 13th September 2019
Produced by Mirko Guerrini
Mixed by Mirko Guerrini
Additional mix and master by Lorenzo Piscopo at Seven Circles Studio in Firenze, Italy