Just interesting to note how “mad” was our dear friend Glenn with the concept of practicing.
What is more is that he is practicing by heart, singing, whispering the flux of the music. And also, watch how he moves his body while playing. Isn’t that a kind of internal swing movement?
Now, few questions for the good students (myself included):
  1. Are you dedicated in the same way while practicing?
  2. Are you “mad” about practicing? Do you feel a physical need to do it?
  3. Do you practice by heart?
  4. Can you keep the concentration at that level where here is only you and your instrument, serving the music?
  5. How well do you know the music you’re going to play?
It is a good inspiration for a nice discussion around practicing.

mirko_milano by Barbara Rigon

3 thoughts on “practicing!

  1. Rob says:

    Hi Mirko,

    I practice by developing basic skills
    – Am I able to hear what I play?
    – Does it sound good?
    – Time – does it groove?
    – Mistakes = repetitive practice = Concentration = I then know the music

    1. admin says:

      Hi Rob,

      yes, exactly. Did you see in the video Glenn Gould furiously practicing the same passage at a tremendous speed, going backward and forward like one single flux. And how beautiful is to hear the music taking shape and becoming a living body of art.
      Do you practice by heart?


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