MIRKO GUERRINI – Tenor Sax, Piano,




Acquacheta is a new band, presenting music written or arranged by tenor saxophonist  Mirko Guerrini and guitarist Stephen Magnusson. Born in Florence in 1973, Mirko moved to Melbourne this year to teach at Monash University.  He had already established an impressive reputation in Italy, whether leading his own bands, or performing with such artists as Stefano Bollani, Enrico Rava, Paul McCandless, John Taylor, Billy Cobham, Brian Auger, Mark Feldman and Hermeto Pascoal. He has performed in Brazil, Japan, Finland, Russia, Canada and France. He released 9 albums of original music in Italy, leading various ensembles.

Stephen is recognised as a highly original, creative and adventurous guitarist, whether leading his own bands, or working with artists as diverse as Julien Wilson, Vince Jones, Katie Noonan, Megan Washington, Paul Grabowsky or Mike Nock. Joining Stephen and Mirko in this band are bassist Frank Di Sario (Dale Barlow, Doug DeVries, Paul Grabowsky, Barbara Morrison, etc) ; and drummer Niko Schauble (who has led Tibetan Dixie and Papa Carlo, and has played with artists including Paul Grabowsky, Arthur Blythe, Steve Lacy, Ren Walters and Vince Jones). The band derives its name from Acquacheta, a stream of the Appennini Mountains in Tuscany, Italy.

The expression “acquacheta” is also contained in the Italian proverb “l’acquacheta rovina i ponti” which has the same meaning of the English one: “still waters run deep”. When it is attributed to a person, it defines a peaceful individual who is able, without much fuss, to eliminate obstacles that seem immovable.

Mirko says, “This band plays horizontal music. There’s no room to go vertically. With Steve (one of my favourite musicians ever) we decided to put together a new band with the aim of playing just beautiful melodies. When we brainstormed about the material we wanted to play, we could only name songs distinguished by the beauty and the lightness of the melody. So, beside some original songs, we put together a repertoire that includes some Beatles’ songs such as ‘Here Comes The Sun’ or ‘Something’, and a couple of Keith Jarrett’s tunes like ‘Death And The Flower’ and ‘Prism’.

“We couldn’t also avoid movie soundtracks and Truffaut’s ‘400 Blows’ was one of our first choices. After the recording of our CD, we all were impressed by how easy it was to play the songs just following the melodic lines. And actually, we didn’t plan anything about the arrangement of the songs before playing them. We just started to do it. We were captivated by the horizontal perspective of music (the melody) that quite often it is forgotten by jazz musicians who love to play more vertically (through the harmony).”

“Guerrini shapes his improvisations as persuasively as he constructs his compositions. His assured, fluid lines form natural contours and climaxes that pull the audience – and his fellow musicians – along for the ride”. – ‘The Age’

Recorded in May 2013 at Pughouse Studios, Melbourne, VIC, AUSTRALIA
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Niko Schauble.
Edited by Stephen Magnusson, Mirko Guerrini, Niko Schauble