The trio comprising Paul Grabowsky (piano), Mirko Guerrini (saxes) and Niko Schauble (drums) brings together a wealth of experience gathered by the three over decades of musical adventures.

Each a prolific composer, their performances range across the boundaries of genre, referencing the various traditions that have inspired them, from jazz and contemporary classical music to pop and soundtrack composition. They are closely attuned; Grabowsky and Schäuble have worked closely together for nearly thirty years, a relationship reflected in a deep rapport. In Guerrini, they have found the perfect collaborator; a musical polymath, his musical curiosity matches theirs, resulting in a trio of equals.

The result is music without frontiers, playful, joyful, and deep.


Song 1 – Written by Mirko Guerrini – Performed live at the JazzLab, Melbourne, Australia. March 2019

Since Mirko Guerrini arrived in Melbourne from Italy in 2013, he has had the chance to meet and play with some of the most outstanding Australian musicians.

Bassist, Tamara Murphy is one of the first bass players Guerrini played with, and he was immediately taken her “approach and heavy groove without any compromise with the melodic content since the first note”.

Niko Schauble is Guerrini’s most solid musical relationship in Australia. His incredible flexibility and knowledge ofthe drums, makes interplay easy and rewarding.

Andrea Keller is one of Australia’s most regarded pianists, renowned for intelligent melodic development and purity of sound.

In Mirko’s words, “this band is everything about melody. Horizontality as the main musical approach. You will hear all original music, mostly written exclusively for this band, where the fourplayers are treated like single voices, part of a polyphonic ensemble. Harmonic content is createdby the horizontal movement of the voices, and the high degree of interaction between the fourmusicians will blend everything together”.

Mirko Guerrini on saxophones and compositions, Andrea Keller on piano, Tamara Murphy on double bass, Niko Schauble on drums.

RADIOSUCCESSI A genuinely Italian experience

Ilaria Crociani Voice
Mirko Guerrini Saxes
Ryan Griffith Guitar
Tom Lee Bass
Niko Schäuble Drums

Radiosuccessi is a collaboration between Italian jazz maestros Mirko Guerrini and Ilaria Crociani and Melbourne-based jazz heavyweights Ryan Griffith, Tom Lee and Niko Schäuble.
Reviving the authentic sounds of Italy and leaving behind the cheesy copies of Italian songs made famous by American singers, this band plays music direct from Italy’s heart. Lending a distinctly modern jazz sensibility to the combo, band leader Mirko Guerrini has created a unique and world-class ensemble.
Radiosuccessi can combine traditional jazz standards and modern grooves with Italian numbers.
The repertoire includes some of the great Italian songs written by the most famous songwriters, like Gino Paoli (Senza Fine, Che cosa c’è), Domenico Modugno (Meraviglioso), Fred Buscaglione (Guarda che luna, La sigaretta), Bruno Martino (Forse, Estate, Baciami per domani) Lelio Luttazzi (Mi piace, Tua), Fred Bongusto (Me so’ ‘mbriacato ‘e sole, Se tu non fossi bella come sei).
Included are also some great American successes that became popular in Italy in the Fifties thanks to their translation into Italian. After WWII, only a minimum percentage of people could understand English, so, many professional lyricists provided Italian translations for those hits. Claudio Villa brought to success the well-known song “Quando ti stringi a me” which originally was a Broadway song called “I am in the mood for love”. Moreover, “Almost like being in love” became “Così mi innamorai”, a great success by Caterina Valente and the amazing Charlie Chaplin’s tune “Smile” translated into “Se mai..”. It is clear that most of the time, the translation was soundly based and did not strictly follow the original text’s meaning.
“Radiosuccessi” is a dive into Italian culture and society. Through some wonderful songs, you can live again and feel the atmosphere of Via Veneto in Rome, riding a Lambretta, or having a gelati in Piazza San Marco in Venice.

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